Top 8 Picasa Replacement Tools To Consider Using Today

By Kuntala Sarkar | Technology

April 26, 2022

Picasa was one of the first image viewing, organizing, and editing website. After many years of extensive use on a global market, Picasa was ceased on 15 March 2016 by Google.

Besides essential photo organizing and editing, Picasa had many features, including red-eye reduction, color enhancement, facial recognition, etc. Later Google photos, introduced in 2015 by Google, had more features to offer.

Standing in 2022, the photo managing and editing market has to offer many better alternatives to Picasa. Let us discuss the top 8 Picasa replacement tools.


  • Adobe Lightroom CC

  If you are a professional photographer and want your RAW photo to be edited directly, Adobe lightroom CC is your one-stop solution. This application can be used on mobile and computer parallelly, unlike Picasa. Apart from many advanced features, their healing part is the stand-out.

A minimal subscription can bring you even better features like selective adjustments, geometry tools, premium presets, etc.

  • Luminar 4

      This brings us to the second alternative Luminar 4; though it is a less popular tool than Adobe lightroom CC, this offers more user-friendly features. This tool provides smart contrast, AI  sky replacements, AI portrait, and skin enhancer; all in all, the best use of artificial intelligence.

Luminar 4, for its best review of user experience, is the best option for any beginners for faster and more efficient photo editing.

  • ACDSee Photo Studio

Initially, this tool might seem pricey, but its robust features will be worth the price. ACDSee photo studio has various advanced photo editing features like brush selection tool, adaptable brushing, and additional blend modes. The most interesting is the customizable interface feature that allows you to change the interface according to your photo.

In the era of Instagram, if you are dealing with a high number of photos, then ACDSee photo studio would do the best management of your photos.

  • Darktable

 In contrast to Adobe Lightroom CC, Darktable provides more versatilities in photo editing features. One of the most significant advantages of using this application is that Darktable is entirely free; you do not have to pay to enjoy the advanced features. Darktable can edit RAW files and offer an extensive range of powerful color correction tools like adobe lightroom.

Darktable provides image catalog management, making the wide range of photo management easier. Overall, this is the best free alternative to Adobe Lightroom CC.

  • Google Photos

The best alternative to Google Picasa provided by Google is Google Photos. Google photos came with many features that Picasa did not have and is one of the most famous photo storage apps. Unlike previously discussed alternatives, you need to have a google account to use this app; you can use it independently, but having a google account will make the files’ transfer easier. For the time being, Google photo is free till 15GB of memory.

Google photos have a user-friendly interface with solid search functionality. Unlike Luminar 4, the photo editing options for this app are minimal.

  • Microsoft Photos

This application is entirely free for storage and editing images. The most striking feature of this application is a video editor. Along with photos, if you are into editing videos, Microsoft photos is an excellent option to start your journey. This app uses AI extensively to recognize faces and objects, making the sorting faster.

This is a highly user-friendly app that enables automatic album creation. This also integrates with OneDrive making the cloud storage easier. Similar to Google photos, this app also has limited photo editing features.

  • Phototheca

Unlike the previous option, Phototheca is not entirely free; if you pay a one-time meager cost, you get full access to the application. This software can, however, only be used on desktops. Phototheca is a user-friendly app; it has a straightforward interface that provides just the basic photo editing features. Although its photo editing features are pretty basic, it has a very advanced face recognition tool. You can best use this application for transferring a large number of images from different devices; this app would work efficiently for the same purpose.

  • Apple Photos

Like Microsoft Photos, Apple photos are also free for all Apple users. Apple photos, one of the biggest limitations is that it is restricted to Apple device users only. This app is also user-friendly and comes with a striking feature like Lightroom and Darktable; this can also edit Raw files. This app offers better editing features than Microsoft and Google Photos and has a decent facial recognition tool.

Picasa ruled the image storing and editing global market for a long time; now, we don’t have to restrict ourselves from using apps with brand names tagged to them. In the era of Instagram and Facebook, we can feel free to use any app with better features or free or paid or best sorting mechanism.

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